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We count HR professionals among our team. We are able to produce everything from policies and procedures to quirky staff handbooks. As well as automate your HR admin with our fancy platform"

It all begins with our simple to use dashboard

All the important at-a-glance information can be accessed from here.
Here you can see today's status. This will notify you where you and your team are.

Either on holiday, out of the office or sick.
Pending Approvals

This section show you the pending actions you have outstanding. 

Approve or deny the outstanding requests here or in the notification section.
Company Announcements

Unlike other HR platforms, POP HR has a build in messaging feed. 

De-clutter your company inboxes by posting important news here.
POP HR has re-imagined leave management and has incorporated social media concepts.

Request holiday, working from home, sickness and other (maternity, paternity, compassionate or study leave) as easy as a social media status update.

The request will automatically go for approval and it is simple to choose different managers for the request to go to.
We have created a team section which lets you build and shape your organisation

Drag and drop team members to create an organisational chart. 

Follow your team members to receive their status updates.

Create new teams as your organisation grows.
It is super easy to add new team members. No more lengthy onboarding processes or worse still no process for new joiners at all!

Add new team members easily by filling out a few details.
Profile pages for employees.

Empower employees to edit information quickly and efficiently.

Safely store all contact information.
Collect important next of kin information.
Let employees see key dates for themselves.
As well as seeing all the important company dates.
Save employee documents securely such as signed contracts and payslips. 
Also, let employees upload documents such as passport copies and P45's.
Add salary, bonus and payroll details.

Remember POP HR is not just a HR platform.

We provide detailed analytics to help you run your company.
We would love to show you more. Let us know a few more details and we will set up a full product demo.

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